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24" X 36" Lab Apron | Lightweight Single Coated Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

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Rely on the Lightweight Black Lab Apron when the job calls for a quality protection that won't compromise comfort. Constructed with Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR), the Lightweight Lab Apron offers excellent abrasion resistance and suitable protection against chemicals and caustics. Move easier with SBR protection that won't weigh you down. 

Sold and packaged by the dozen.


    • Size: 24” x  36”
    • Fabric: Single coated rubber polyester – thickness:  17-19 mil
    • 5/8” wide polyester tape tie sewn to waist (approx. 28” tie each side of waist), along armhole & looping (approx. 22”) at neck
    • All edges are tuned and secured with single needle lock-stitch – top edge turned 1 ¼” to reinforce neck tie attachment & upper edge. Heavy-duty polyester thread
    • Suitable protection against chemicals and caustics
    • Lightweight - single coated
    • Available in Black
    • Not recommended for use with petroleum-based fluids
    • Available in black
    • Sold and packaged by the dozen
    • Machine wash warm with mild detergent. Air dry. Do Not Dry Clean.

    (SBR) Coated Aprons

    Developed prior to World War II in Germany by chemist Walter Beck as a cost-effective alternative to natural rubber. SBR has excellent physical properties and abrasion resistance and provides good protection from water, many chemicals, organic acids, alcohols, ketones and aldehydes. It has poor resistance to petroleum-based fluids, ozone, strong acids, fats, oils, greases, and most hydrocarbons. SBR also has extremely high resistance to electrical conductivity and can withstand cold up to minus 60⁰F and heat up to 225⁰F. Due to SBR’s excellent abrasion resistance and aging stability approximately 50% of all car tires are made from various types of SBR. PGI’s lightweight black single coated SBR lab aprons offer excellent protection from water and many chemicals and caustics in an extremely durable and long lasting apron.

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