Sawbuck Chainsaw Chaps saved my life

Sawbuck Chainsaw Chaps survivor – Kevin Schippman

Submitted by Kevin Schippman

I have been using a chainsaw for many many years and I've never experienced what happened the day your chaps got tested. I had just cut down a small oak tree about 8 inches in diameter. After I had the tree cut up I came back to the stump to cut it off closer to the ground. Rather than just moving the saw through the stump from right to left I was evidently rotating the saw around the stump. I'm assuming the momentum of the saw kept coming around in an arc. After the stump had been cut through, the saw then hit my leg above the knee (I was on my knees at the time) and the saw was instantly stopped by the chaps. Needless to say I was stunned and couldn't believe what had just happened.
I was really surprised how fast this all happened.

I shut down the saw and had to dig the chap strands out of the saw so it could become freed from the chaps. The chaps stopped the saw so quickly it didn't even cut through the back of them. This happened out in the country probably about 40 minutes away from the nearest hospital. I hate to think what could've happened had I not been wearing chaps I got from PGI, made right in my adopted hometown of Green Lake, Wisconsin USA.
The chaps also prolong the life of my work pants when I operate a  log splitter. I've also started wearing them when I use the weedwhacker because they keep all the grass off of my pants.
They also kept a full reservoir of chainsaw oil off of my pants when the cap came off without me realizing it. Thanks again for making such an important tool that I use so often.
PS I may have never even considered buying these if my loving wife hadn't made the suggestion.
PSS thanks too for making them right here in the good old USA!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Schippman

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