Fireline Multi Mission Dual-Certified Gear

Dual-Certified Multi Mission NFPA 1951 NFPA 1977 Nomex Nomex IIIA PPE SIGMA Technical Rescue Wildland



Department Calls by Type

90% Non-Structural Related Calls

  • 63.9% Medical Aid
  • 16.8% Other
  • 7.6% False Alarms
  • 4.5% Mutual Aid
  • 4.0% Fires
  • 1.9% Other Hazardous Conditions
  • 1.3% Hazardous Materials

Heat Stress

The number one fatality in line of duty deaths among firefighters and first responders is sudden cardiac arrest, most of which can be attributed to heat stress, overexertion and pre-existing medical conditions. Studies have shown that modified PPE can substantially reduce heat stress and firefighter fatigue. The weight and bulkiness of traditional turnout gear tends to increase body temperature by retaining the heat built up internally while on the job. Elevated body temperatures can increase clotting, which can also contribute to sudden cardiac arrest while performing routine tasks. FireLine Multi Mission PPE is lightweight, more flexible and ergonomically designed to offer enhanced evaporative cooling — reducing heat stress and overall firefighter fatigue.

Lightweight, Breathable and More Comfortable

FireLine Multi Mission PPE is designed to be a lightweight, flexible and breathable alternative to traditional turnout gear. Traditional turnout gear is heavy, bulky, locks in moisture and air — whereas FireLine Multi Mission PPE pulls sweat from the skin by moving it to the surface so it rapidly evaporates, allowing the wearer to remain cooler and drier, reducing the potential for heat stress while improving overall performance of routine tasks. FireLine Multi Mission garments are engineered to maximize protection, comfort and mobility at a price that’s about one-third the cost of traditional turnout gear.

Firefighter Deaths by Nature of Injury

  • 43.1% Sudden Cardiac Death
  • 34.5% Internal Trauma
  • 8.6% Asphyxiation/Smoke Inhalation
  • 6.9% Gunshot
  • 5.2% Other
  • 1.7% Burns
 Firefighter Deaths by Cause of Injury
  • 48.3% Overexertion/Stress/Medical
  • 20.7% Crashes
  • 10.3% Fell
  • 5.2% Structural Collapse
  • 5.1% Fatal Assault
  • 3.5% Struck by Vehicles
  • 3.5% Struck by Objects
  • 3.4% Other

Dual Certified and More

All FireLine Multi Mission garments meet or exceed both the NFPA 1951 Standard on Utility Technical Rescue for Protective Apparel, where exposure to physical and thermal hazards are expected, as well as the NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting, current editions. UL Classified.


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